At-Home Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are great fun to have and many people keep them all their lives, but sometimes they become inappropriate and need to be removed. This can be an expensive and painful operation with laser surgery, but there is help at hand. There are home tattoo removal options that work. They are not all completely effective and some may cause a little pain, but there are many at home tattoo removal products and everyone will find one that works for them.

Tattoo Removal Creams

Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) is a cream without Hydroquinone. It is sometimes used to fade skin imperfections, is cheaper than laser removal and is one of the most popular methods. This cream can cause whitening of the skin, so it should be watched closely when it is used. It doesn’t hurt, but there may be a slight stinging sensation after use. It takes several weeks to work and may cause redness that can take several more weeks to heal.

Wreaking Balm home tattoo removal is also a popular cream, but it doesn’t work for everyone. In most cases, it takes a lengthy period of time to be effective and, in some cases, isn’t effective even after six months.

Fadeplex is a cream without Hydroquinone or TCA. It is good for all skin types and is not expensive. It contains all-natural ingredients.

TAT Med is another cream that does not contain TCA or Hydroquinone and is safe for all skin types. It fades the appearance of the tattoo, is not expensive and is made with all-natural ingredients.

Home Tattoo Removal Remedies using Salt

Salt is also the main ingredient in home dermabrasion tattoo removal. It exfoliates the skin removing several layers of the surface of the skin. This may hurt a bit and bleed. The area should be wrapped with a clean bandage until it heals, and the process can be repeated. A regular application of salt and water will gradually fade the tattoo. This at home tatto removal takes time to be effective, but it will eventually be 100 percent successful, even for color tattoos.

• Clean the tattoo area with soap and dry it completely and shave any hair in the area
• Any kind of salt can be used, but sea salt may cause a little more pain
• Mix two tablespoons of salt with just enough water to dissolve all the salt
• Rub the solution into the tattoo with a sponge for half an hour and let dry
• Wash off the salt after two hours and let the tattoo dry. Some ink will be removed at this time but not all
• The area may need to be bandaged to avoid infection
• This process should be repeated until the tattoo has faded

At Home Tattoo Removal Remedies

Alpha-Arbutin is a lightening agent that is sold over the counter. It is used in skin lightening creams and some cosmetics. It is derived from plants and is less harsh that chemical peeling solutions. It works slower than some harsh alternatives but is better for sensitive skin. It also moisturizes the skin.

Glycolic Acid is a peeling agent like TCA. This chemical moves the tattoo ink through the skin layers until it eventually flakes off. It is slower than TCA, but it is less harsh.

Hydrogen peroxide is a household product sometimes used as a disinfectant. It can be used as a home tattoo removal agent and also helps eliminate bacteria that may develop after other tattoo removal agents have been used. The hydrogen peroxide can be applied to the tattoo with a cotton swab. It will gradually fade the tattoo ink.


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